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For instance if will is accepted law, obliging seller of benzine to add in benzine some ever-increasing percent alcohol, filmato amatoriale film and giving him for this tax priveleges, that seller of benzine do a little running to buy the alcohol подешевле.But this, in turn, простимулирует the competition, filmato amatoriale film and progress beside producers of the alcohol. Will Ditto occur if oblige the petrol-stations to install the additional reservoirs for alcohol fuel. However if government will solve to subsidize, for instance, corn alcohol, ostensibly to do his(its) more attractive for seller, filmato amatoriale film and buyers, but indeed panderring corn lobby, that this затормозит any биотехнологические of the development, which have were able really bring about real, rather then fictituous spare. For the present we not delighted with american законотворчества in questions combustible. The Deal reaches sometimes ridiculously. Into the name of more deep peelings выхлопных gas was solved to add in benzine oxygen that he afterburned the остаки of the exhaust. But itself oxygen to add impossible so have solved to add either alcohol, or so-called MTVE, in which oxygen well opens. And here is alcohol lobby, filmato amatoriale film and producers MTVE лоббируют with all might to without fall added exactly their product, rather then alternative. Are spent the millions of the dollars on donation political party to exactly they, rather then rivals привносили oxygen in benzine. А on most-that deal is realized that level of the oxygen in benzine simply at all does not influence upon quality of the car exhaust. And происоходит this again therefore that третьеэтапные market has a financial possibility, human facility, filmato amatoriale film and experience лоббировать. Not удительно will also see широкомасштабный anti-pr. For instance that transition on alcohol engines will bring about hits of the alcoholism, filmato amatoriale film and gathering of the drunkards on petrol-station. And this under that that to drink the mixture of the alcohol with benzine will not be able even the most incorrigible alcoholic. And in general, problem drunkenness does not depend on that, much industry produces the alcohol or little. On alcoholic drink today goes only 11% world production of the alcohol. Zachastuyu new market "break" in some clearly outlined niche first. The Niches these be, filmato amatoriale film and on group of the users,, filmato amatoriale film and geographical.Nishevoy group of the users for alcohol fuel in the beginning was able become, for instance police body, filmato amatoriale film and service to ambulance i.e. greater автопарки, subordinated to public authoritieses, filmato amatoriale film and not requiring high-priced advertisment. With geographical niche "experiment" on alcohol engine was already put(deliver)ed in Brasilia. At the end семидесятых years Brasilia turned out to be in the most heavy situation. On the one hand, arabic countries have made the oil embargo, filmato amatoriale film and have wound up the price on oil. On fig. 23 is brought track record of the change the prices on cheese oil (in dollar 1996) at period with 1947 on 1998.(Crude Oil Prices 1996 Dollars, WTRG Economics C 1998). On the other hand, the most heavy financial crisis began in country. The Import necessary amount to oils became practically impossible,, filmato amatoriale film and gigantic country turned out to be under threat замереть without benzine. Odanko Brasilia was shown by the most largest producer sahara, but from sahara do the alcohol. At the most short periods not so uzh strong brazilian economy has translated whole its автопарк with benzine on alcohol. In 1994 in Brasilia 4,36 mln. machines went on alcohol. Once at moment of need such transition was able to do Brasilia, that uzh more so this under power industrial country as that USA or Europe. Exists two взаимодополняющих way, as первоэтапный market alcohol fuel will be able to be translated on the second stage. One - an installation on petrol-station additional section, swing immediately E85 while rest sections will continue to swing ditto, as earlier. Voroy- an additive этанола in benzine, filmato amatoriale film and gradual increase to his(its) concentrations before 85%. Certainly, volume production alcohol today reflects only need earlier existed market, but not market "green" fuel, which else only there is appear. However if legislative will is solved that country gradually moves to alcohol fuel, that, filmato amatoriale film and production of the alcohol will go on normal market mechanism upwards. Even though today we, filmato amatoriale film and do not produce the alcohol it is enough to all move to E85, that enterring plan, on which each year in benzine will be added all more alcohol, we скоординируем the technological possibilities on производсву, filmato amatoriale film and necessary consumption of the alcohol. Thereby, the co-ordination will allow to avoid "slanting" market, leading to uprated prices, filmato amatoriale film and crisis in adjacent region production. Today majority of the alcohol is produced биотехнологически from agricultural product, as that corn or sugar-cane.
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